About us

DMT Technology is a management consulting and information technology solutions company. Coming from all round USA, we are a team of commitment, cooperativeness, and application. Using cutting-edge technologies, we deliver agile and flexible solutions for our customers in the following subject areas:

  • CRM (Certified by Veeva and Salesforce).
  • Data Management.
  • Business Intelligence / Data Analytics.
  • Stock Research and Decisions Making Tools.
  • Human Resource Information Systems.
  • Firm Digitalization Consulting Solutions

DMT Technology currently holds 5 Veeva CRM Administrator certifications, 3 Veeva CRM MyInsights certifications, and 3 Salesforce Platform Dev I certifications, and are experts in Javascript, HTML, .NET, ASP.net, C#, SQL, SQL Server and Oracle.

Each and every resource of us only focuses on our ultimate purpose of assisting our customers in making their decisions more accurate and timely.